Monday, January 6, 2014

Elephant hat

We celebrated this year's Christmas in Thailand in a very special way. We visited an elephant sanctuary near Chiang mai, Elephant Nature Park. They rescue these animals from people, who are unbelievably cruel to them. Most of the female elephants here had their legs or hips broken (in some cases both) as a result of too hard labor or enforced mating. Elephant Nature Park is a little piece of heaven for these creatures. They are practically free to roam the territory of the park and are also well fed. Many tourists go there to pet and feed them, there's even a volunteer option for those who want to help.

Walking among these magnificent animals is a one of a kind experience. There are a few simple rules to keep in mind, but the staff is extra careful too. Even small children are allowed. Our toddler son was in awe to see the elephants up close. He even touched one, although their skin is rough, so he did that only once. His favorite part was the bathing.

The park is on a mountain near Chiang mai city, and the weekend we visited was quite chilly, so Alex needed a hat. I didn't want to buy any, since I could make one to fit the event. And thus was this cute little hat made. The elephant applique is not part of the original pattern, but you can find it on Ravelry. And the hat's FREE pattern can be downloaded from Ravelry (although you'll have to do a quick sign up, if you're not a user yet).

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