Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lollipop, the unicorn

Lollipop is the third member of the toy team I'm making for Alex's classmates. She is a cuddle-loving cutie. I followed the pattern for her body, but the tail and mane are my creations. It is very simple: I made a number of chains between 30 and 40 (didn't want the locks to be exactly the same length) and then did 3 sc in the first chain, then 2 sc in the second, and so on.

You can find the FREE pattern here.

Kiddie socks

These socks were a joy to make and I finished them in just a few hours. I used some leftover yarn from other projects, so the colors are not very fashionable. But the socks are warm and fit Alex's feet perfectly. Of course, the fact that he takes them off a minute after I put them on is a totally different story.

The FREE pattern can be found here. I used a 4 mm hook to be sure they are going to be big enough for my little monster's feet.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Teddy here is the second member of the toy army I'm making as farewell presents for Alex's classmates. He is 30 cm tall sitting, and almost 45 cm tall from head to toe. Teddy is the ultimate huggable size friend.

You can find the FREE pattern here.

Ipod cozy

The hubby asked for an Ipod cozy for his birthday this year. Luckily I had just the yarn and button for the project. I'm happy to report that he liked it very much.

You can find the FREE pattern here.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Stretch, the giraffe

Stretch is my first official Freshstiches project, also the first pattern I actually paid for. Stacey's cuties are special to me, since I learned to crochet with the help of her free tutorial videos. Stretch is in one of her older publications, Crocheted softies, it is available for Kindle on Amazon. Stacey's most recent book is Modern Baby Crochet, which is a must-have for every crocheter mommy or mommy-to-be.

In June we are going back home to Serbia, and I want to give a farewell present for Alex's classmates on his last day of school. Stretch is the first member of the group.

I caught him sipping my coconut juice. But who can blame him? That stuff is delicious!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Butterfly mobile

As of January I'm participating in the Harry Potter House Cup on Ravelry. I was sorted in Hufflepuff after filling out a short quiz. The game is similar to the one in the books and movies. The four houses collect points and the one that collects the most is going to be the winner of the Cup. The participants receive points for knitted and crocheted goods and also for hand-dyeing or spinning yarn. The projects can be turned in as homework for classes.

I made this mobile for the Hufflepuff Baby Brigade. This team sends out gifts for future Hufflepuff mommies. The little witches and wizards get socks, diaper covers, hats and toys too.

I made the butterflies following the pattern, but the rest was pretty much my own work. You can find the FREE pattern here.

And here is the badge I got for making the mobile: